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Refined Genetix - how it works

How It Works

Your DNA Health + Science = The Only Wellness Program You’ll Need

Why have all other diets and exercise plans failed? They are made for the masses. 

But you are not like everyone else. There is a proven method of finally getting healthy and it begins with uncovering the power of your unique story…waiting to be discovered in your DNA.

Only by discovering your DNA health story, we can build the only customized health and wellness plan you’ll ever need. 

We also utilize a variety of scientific tests that enhance your customized wellness plan, such as:

•    How many calories do you burn while resting 
•    How well does your body absorb oxygen 
•    How is your posture affecting your body movement 

This is way beyond just recording your weigh-ins and telling you to “eat less and move more”.  You will finally know what makes you tick (literally) and finally have a wellness plan designed just for you. 

Your DNA Health + Science = The Only Wellness Program You’ll Need
Online Discussion with Refined Genetix

Personal 1:1 Guidance 

Starting your transformational journey isn’t just focused on changing your body…it’s also about discovering confidence, gratitude, and peace of mind. 

You’re going to learn more about your mind, body, and soul than ever before. And while all the pie charts and graphs look cool, we’re here to make sure you understand what it all means and be cheering you on in each step of your transformational journey.  

We have a team of coaches, trainers, registered dieticians, nutritionists, and nurse practitioners in your corner, here to help you with: 

•    Weekly planning and progress sessions 
•    Weekly training and nutrition meetings 
•    Monthly habit and mindset training 

We’ll get you to your prized destination…and have fun and learn along the way! 

On-demand Resources & Classes 

No need to search the web or your neighborhood to find exactly what you need…if it’s a new recipe or a quick 10-minute workout to get your day going.


We know you’re busy, that’s why we provide a variety of on-demand resources, like:


  • Fitness classes that you can do literally anywhere and everywhere

  • Nutritional webinars so you learn the foundations and theories of nutritional science (fancy, right?)

  • Access to our massive recipe database so you’re never wondering what’s for dinner


In addition, you automatically receive discounts on any supplements, bars, or proteins suggested by your coach and nutritionist. High five for saving money!

Online Fitness Class with Refined Genetix
Woman on a Gym Mat using Refined Genetix

Motivating and Celebrating

If it’s new stresses with your job or balancing the challenges of everyone virtually learning in the living room, life has a way of inching us back on our progress.


Hey, we’re human too. We’re not saying you can’t have a glass of wine ever again or munch on your favorite salty snack (we’ll actually help you plan for that). But we want to make sure you stay motivated and focused on your goal.


There will be obstacles, feelings of defeat, moments of vulnerability. You can contact us any time and any way that works best for you:


  • Phone calls

  • Unlimited texting

  • Emails


We believe in you…even on the days when you’re not feeling your best. And we’ll also be there to recognize and celebrate every single achievement…all the way to the finish line. 

Virtual, Mobile, and Safe

If it’s your work pants or your “I’m Zooming from home today” pants, we are just a swipe away no matter where you are.


We’re on the move with you by providing:

  • A personal food logging app

  • An interactive, online community

  • On-demand webinars and fitness classes


Stay fit while you travel or in the comfort and safety of your own home. With Refined Genetix, you don't have to worry about all the hassles and restrictions placed on you by exercising in a public facility. No more wondering if the last person who used the equipment really wiped it down when they were done...say goodbye to germ-roulette.

Discover your unique DNA health story, unlock your customized wellness plan, and access a killer team of coaches and health buffs who are dedicated to your success.

Fit Couple at home using refined genetix
Unlock Your DNA To Finally Lose Weight And Stay Healthy

Unlock Your DNA To Finally Lose Weight And Stay Healthy

What Our Community Says


Emilie Hebert

I’m not one for analyzing every single nutrient in your diet, I’d rather look at it as a whole. But since foliate is so important for down the road I’m taking it seriously! I think this kind of genetic information can be helpful to use it as a tool to improve your health.

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