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about refined genetix

About Refined Genetix

Refined Genetix

We use state of the art health assessments using your unique genes to create a detailed path to set and achieve a variety of health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle goals.

Complicated genetic data is simplified and summarized into an easy-to-read format. The most popular being your “Macro-Wheel” which is a pie chart that identifies your unique daily macronutrient percentages: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Your Macro-Wheel explains what is best for your body genetically in order to support healthy repair of tissues and organs, the building of lean muscle, and provide a stable and sustainable energy source.​

refined genetix mission


To inspire people to live longer, healthier, more fulfilling lives. To empower people to make informed decisions about their body and lifestyle by possessing the knowledge about their unique blueprint.



Our vision is to create better, longer, and healthier lives for everyone.



Know your body, improve your health.


Yogurt, Coffee, and DNA: The Twists and Turns Behind Refined Genetix 

After earning my degrees in genetics and business, I was crushing it in medical school.


  • Good grades, check. 

  • Published in medical journals, check. 

  • Above-average MCAT scores, check. 

  • Experience working with the public….shoot. 

I was working for a physician in a molecular biology research lab who would not stop insisting that I find a job where I could gain experience interacting with people. OK, that makes sense. Nothing’s worse than a stuffy doctor. 

But there was no way I could predict what started as a part-time job would change the trajectory of my life forever. 

I started working at a store that sold yogurt and coffee, and we also rented videos (now you’re trying to guess my age). 

I quickly moved up to manager and had to tackle the challenge of increasing sales. Well, if people wouldn’t come to the store, I would bring the store to them. That entrepreneurial discovery sparked my love for business…I loved it so much that I traded my white doctor’s jacket for my own barista apron. 

Goodbye medical school. Hello frothy milk and owning my own business. 

Again, I was crushing it! I had 3 vans, multiple carts, and cranking out espressos and smoothies at weddings and corporate events. 

Jeff Costa, CEO of Refined Genetix

But then, my wife’s health began severely deteriorating while pregnant with our second daughter. 

My wife and I had no trouble getting pregnant the first time, but the second time? After years of trying we were prepped to start fertility treatments when our miracle happened. 

But during the second trimester, I was looking at my wife, who had withered down to 85 pounds, unable to swallow her own saliva. Even after Hayden was born, my wife never fully recovered. 

Migraines. Fatigue. Joint pain. Insomnia. 

Doctors said maybe it was chronic fatigue. Maybe fibromyalgia or lupus. Perhaps she was just depressed? 

And our little Hayden. If you’re a parent you know when something just isn’t right with your child. Despite everyone saying she was fine, Tracy and I had our suspicions confirmed by a neurologist…Hayden was on the Autism Spectrum. 

My wife, despite her pain and suffering, found the Mind Institute and scheduled an appointment for Hayden with a new pediatric geneticist that had just arrived from John Hopkins University. 

But instead of running tests on our daughter, the doctor was more interested in Tracy. 

While conducting the parental health backgrounds, the doctor noticed my wife's hands. You see…She was born with a few physical defects to her fingers, along with all of her toes. 

Nothing major…or so we thought. 

A blood test finally confirmed why she got sick and never fully recovered. The doctor diagnosed her with a rare, genetic disorder called Oculo-Dento-Digital-Dyspalsia (ODDD). At the time, this affected less than 700 people within 19 families. 

After years of ER visits, doctors, specialists…this doctor finally diagnosed my wife. It then hit me…

The true key to living a healthy and happy life is being able to truly unlock your body’s DNA and finding a path that is made just for you. 

While there is no cure for my wife or daughter, finally being properly diagnosed has helped us manage and live more fulfilling lives.


It’s funny how the twists and turns in our lives eventually get us where we are supposed to be. If it weren’t for my education in genetics, my physician mentor telling me to get some people skills, my experience launching and running a business, my daughter’s diagnosis…Refined Genetix wouldn’t be changing lives.  

So whatever twists and turns that led you here, there’s probably a reason. Unlocking my family’s DNA has transformed our lives…and we can help you do the same. 

Jeff Costa 
Chief Wellness Officer 

More about Jeff:
Jeff Costa earned a bachelor’s degree in genetics and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of California, Davis. He has been published in multiple medical journals for his ground-breaking research at the University of California, Davis’ Hematology and Oncology Research Center. 

Unlock Your DNA To Finally Lose Weight And Stay Healthy

Unlock Your DNA To Finally Lose Weight And Stay Healthy

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