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A Lifetime Of Wellness Starts Here

We extract your body's unique data and build a strategic health management plan perfect for you

Follow Your Body's Data To Finally Lose Weight And Stay Healthy

It’s not your fault that other diets and exercise plans haven’t worked. You can finally tip the scales in your favor with precision data tracking with Refined Genetix.

We're not talking data like counting steps and calories. This is a deeper dive into your body's unique data and tracking what really works just for you. We can calculate which workouts and diets achieve maximum's that precise. 

By understanding your unique genes with a combination of DNA fitness testing, you receive customized data tracking and assessments specifically designed to help you lose weight, stay healthy, and never diet again.

genetic fitness and meal plans combined with technology
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This is a collaborative journey, so we start by listening to your goals and desires, current habits, and what will help you be the most successful. It’s like…having a best friend who is an awesome listener and just happens to be a health buff. 

Refined Genetix listens to you and your health metrics to personalize your wellness plan.

Completely Online And Easy

We use data all the time to make decisions, so why not with our health?

Take a closer look at how Refined Genetix helps you embrace your body to achieve even greater results!

Refined Genetix will measure and benchmark your health progress.


You can’t change what you can’t measure. So we implement a series of nine DNA fitness tests so we can learn everything about you, from your genetics to your metabolism. That way we can track what's working and what's not, from your nutrition and exercise plan to even your sleep schedule. When we share all results with you, it will be like meeting yourself for the first time! 


By understanding your unique DNA, physiology, and metabolism through assessments and data tracking, you receive a customized wellness plan specifically optimized to help you lose weight, stay healthy, and never diet again. Like slipping into your favorite pair of jeans, you won’t believe you followed any other plans. 

Refined Genetix will customize a fitness plan based on your DNA.
Through the power of genetics, Refined Genetix can help you transform into a healthier you.


By accessing our easy-to-read data tracking platform that is always updated in real time, you'll be able to truly see what drives life-changing health results. If you're ready to finally unlock precision solutions for your wellness goals, contact us today!  

Unlock Your DNA To Finally Lose Weight And Stay Healthy

Embrace Your Data To Finally Lose Weight And Stay Healthy

What Our Community Says

Krystal-Cantu testimonial

Krystal Cantu

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this test and would highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling in their training and diet and can’t really seem to pinpoint where they are going wrong. I’d also recommend it to anybody who is looking to him half their training and hone in on their bodies needs.

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