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what are biomarkers


Biomarkers: Your Important Health Indicators

Do you feel or were you told that your only hope to manage your symptoms is by taking lifelong medications? What if you could eliminate a medicine cabinet full of prescription drugs by simply fixing nutrient deficiencies or correcting physiologic imbalances? Biomarker testing can highlight such deficits and guide proper healing protocols.

Biomarkers Explained 

There are so many different kinds of biomarkers. That’s because there are certain biomarkers based on different biological systems, like your cardiovascular system or metabolic system. 


While Refined Genetix does not diagnose, we use biomarker testing to monitor hormone, vitamin, and sugar levels in your blood. If you suffer from weight problems, depression, brain fog, anxiety, or constipation, these biomarkers may give clues as to the cause. The good news is that lifestyle changes can often lead to long-term optimal health and true, lasting healing.


For example, a simple scan of your vitamin levels could identify lower levels of the vitamin needed to maintain brain health. In fact, 40% of Americans are deficient in the vitamin that is critical for brain health. 

Furthermore, unstable blood sugar can masquerade anything from fatigue to panic attacks to ADHD. Therefore, understanding your blood sugar control can help identify the root causes of several physiologic symptoms. Once again, making dietary and lifestyle changes to combat the blood sugar roller coaster can heal a startling number of diseases. 

Understanding your biomarkers is the first step to becoming a healthier you!

biomarkers explained
Biomarkers With Refined Genetix

Biomarkers With Refined Genetix

Most specifically, biomarkers help our team at Refined Genetix identify nutritional needs or deficiencies you may have. These biomarkers help us recommend an appropriate nutritional plan that won’t negatively affect any other metabolic or health markers. 


We’ll also use biomarkers to measure stress, inflammation, basic metabolic status, blood lipids, anabolic status, and other important health indicators. 


At Refined Genetix, we’re all about measuring your way to a healthier life. Once you understand your body, you’ll be able to unlock all the tools needed to achieve your lifestyle goals. 


If you’re ready to start your transformational journey, learn more about our convenience wellness plans and sign up today.

Unlock Your DNA To Finally Lose Weight And Stay Healthy

Unlock Your DNA To Finally Lose Weight And Stay Healthy

What Our Community Says

Krystal-Cantu testimonial

Krystal Cantu

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this test and would highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling in their training and diet and can’t really seem to pinpoint where they are going wrong. I’d also recommend it to anybody who is looking to him half their training and hone in on their bodies needs.

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