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testing for a healthier lifestyle

Testing For A Healthier Lifestyle

Unlocking Your Body’s Unique Data With Safe Testing

Unlocking your body’s unique data is key when it comes to never diet again. There are literally thousands of fad diets and plans out there, but none are customized based on your specific needs. 


Our philosophy is grounded in the belief that you can measure your way to success. That’s why we implement a series of nine different assessments so we get to know you and your body. 


  • Genetic Testing: The ultimate path to unlocking your unique health story, our DNA test delivers 99.9% accuracy. 

  • Resting Metabolic Rate: Finally, understand and measure your metabolic rate and your ideal daily calorie intake. 

  • Posture: We know, right? Good posture is critical to your overall health! 

  • Body Composition: Not to be confused with body mass index, this test is fundamental in begging your lifestyle transformation. 

  • Sleep Test: Could better sleep be the secret to better health? We think so, and we'll help you see how your sleep can improve.

  • Cognitive Tests: You’re more than just an IQ number. Unlock your brain’s true cognitive abilities with our online cognitive tests. 

  • Gut Health: There are good bacteria and bad bacteria, so we’ll check if you have a balance of both. 

  • Biomarkers: Our measurement buddies, biomarkers allow us to benchmark, measure, and track your success! 

Your Body’s Unique Data For Your Unique Health Plan

All of our tests can be done safely in the comfort of your home or safely at a facility. And we won’t leave you hanging once the results are in. We’ll be there with you to explain everything, we’re kind of like a scientist and health buff rolled into one. 

Based on your results, we can then create the ultimate customized plan that is best just for you. You’ll wonder why you spent so many years trying so many other diets and plans. 

And the measuring continues even after you start your plan! It’s important that we track and celebrate your progress. Your virtual coach in the corner will be there to help guide you on this new, exciting journey. 

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Join Refined Genetix Today

Join Refined Genetix Today

Once you understand your body by discovering your unique data story, you’ll be able to unlock all the tools needed to achieve your lifestyle goals. 


If you’re ready to start your transformational journey, learn more about our convenience wellness plans and sign up today. 

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